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If you are currently renting your residence such as a house, apartment or condominium having renters insurance is needed to protect yourself and your possessions. Your landlord’s insurance policy for the dwelling only covers the building structure and not your personal property within the dwelling.

Therefore by not obtaining a renters insurance policy, you are left vulnerable in the event of a loss such as theft, fire, smoke damage, water leakage and more. In addition to such losses, renters insurance provides coverage in the event someone is injured while on your premise, such as a slip and fall.

What does renters insurance cover? Typically the following is covered under a renters insurance policy up to the limits which the renter selects for specific items and situations such as; your personal property such as electronics, furniture, clothing, jewelry and more. Personal liability in the event someone is hurt as well as damage to your apartment or home caused by the covered losses specified by the insurance policy.

In addition to protecting yourself and your possessions, property owners and apartment management companies are becoming stricter in requiring that the tenant obtains their own liability insurance. For a small annual premium you can rest peacefully knowing that you and your possessions are covered. For an even added discount you can bundle multiple policies together such as your auto and renters to take advantage of carriers offering multi-policy discounts. Renters insurance can be customized based on limits and additional coverage’s such as jewelry, therefore we recommend taking a quick inventory of what you own therefore you are better prepared to provide information when obtaining a quote.

A 5 minute phone call to one of our agents at Founding Agency can generate a quick and inexpensive renters quote and make the difference in ensuring you and your possessions are covered the event of an unfortunate situation such as a building fire, a break in resulting in theft of your most valuable possessions and so much more.