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Professional liability may be needed if you are in the business which provides professional services such as a Real Estate Agent, Attorney, Pharmacist, Architect, and many other professionals and their practices.

Professional / Errors & Omissions Insurance protects professionals against negligence, malpractice or misrepresentation.

What constitutes a “Professional” for this insurance? A professional is someone who has special knowledge and training necessary to render a service such as doctors, architects, accountants, lawyers and more. Such professionals have special training and are required to earn degrees as well as comply with legal, ethical or technical requirements governed by their profession. 

Errors & Omissions insurance typically covers such professionals, their partners, employees and the organization for any damages caused by providing or failing to provide the professional services. Damages can be a monetary loss or for medical professionals can also include bodily injury as well as property damage. 

In addition to professionals needing Errors & Omissions insurance,  other companies that employ professionals (such as Software companies, Media companies, Public Relations and Advertising companies and more) should consider purchasing Errors & Omissions insurance. Errors and omissions insurance typically will cover both court expenses and settlements up to the specified limits of the insurance policy.

In our day and age lawsuits are brought against others on a consistent basis, regardless of how baseless the claims may be. Which is why having Professional insurance is needed.  Let a member of our team at Founding Agency help you and your business attain Errors & Omissions insurance.