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Umbrella Insurance offers additional protection to your already existing insurance coverages. Typically an Umbrella / Excess policy is written over various liability policies (such as Commercial General Liability, Business Auto policy and others), increasing the limits of those existing policies.

What is the purpose of this additional coverage? The purpose is to provide excess limits when the limits of the primary underlying policy are exhausted and offer protection against some claims not covered by the underlying policies.

The difference between an Umbrella and Excess policy:

  • Umbrella Liability provide additional limits over the underlying policies; iit may also offer coverages which may not have been available or offered by the underlying policies.
  • Excess Liability provide additional limits over the underlying policies but are more restrictive and do not offer additional coverages as an Umbrella Liability does.

Don’t think you have a need for it? Think again. A car accident can result in a multi-million dollar law suit leaving your businesses future at risk. Why take the chance when a small annual premium, which most often can be offered at a discount when packaged with your other policies, can protect you and your business.