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Commercial Property Insurance can protect your businesses real estate, leased office space, equipment, tools, inventory, furniture, business income, and more from such perils as theft, fire and natural disaster.  

Did you think of needing to protect your accounts receivable records and computers? Commercial Property Insurance can cover that as well. Do you travel with tools or even products for work? Maybe even consider an Inland Marine Policy since most Commercial Property Insurance policies protect your items on your premises only.

There is also the option of selecting an Actual Cash Value or Replacement Cost Value. An actual cash value policy pays out the loss based on the item(s) depreciated value which, in reality, may not be enough to cover the cost of buying the same item brand new as a replacement. However, Replacement value policies pay out a loss based on the current market value of the item. Replacement value policies do cost more than the actual cash value.

Don’t think you need Commercial Property Insurance if you have a home based business? Think again, homeowner’s policies may not cover your business property, or may not cover enough. With commercial property insurance, we can write it on a stand-alone basis or package it with a general liability policy.  Not sure what and for how much to insure you assets? We’ve got you covered; let our team help you make sure your business property is covered.