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General Liability insurance is needed to protect your business from any potential injuries or damages caused to your or others property as a result of your business operations. 

General Liability Insurance can cover bodily injury claims, property damage, products and completed operations, advertising injury and medical expenses, as well as legal fees associated with law suits brought against your company as a result.  

How does Commercial General Liability protect your business?  The easiest way to explain it is in the following two ways; by the carrier paying the defense costs associated with claims made against your business for covered injuries to non-employees and by also paying the judgments or settlements awarded to the accusing party.  

What is covered by Commercial General Liability? There are 4 main types of coverages that are offered by a Commercial General Liability Policy:

  1. Bodily Injury / Property Damage Liability which protects your company, your work, your employees and anything else associated with your business which may cause unintentional physical injury to someone that is on your business property or unintentional damages caused to your clients’ property.
  2. Personal Injury Liability, although this may be confusing as it does not cover actual physical injury to others but rather means damage of a person’s character or reputation as a result of libel or slander.
  3. Medical Payments are provided for someone’s minor medical expenses as a result of an accident that happens either on your business premises or of your business operations. The limits are separate of the occurrence / aggregate limits set forth and are typically much smaller in comparison.
  4. Tenants Legal / Fire Liability is applied for those businesses that rent / lease their office space. Such coverage protects your rented premises in the event a fire, explosion, smoke or water damage caused by fire protection devices such as sprinklers. In such, the coverage will pay up to the policy limit for damages incurred. However, keep in mind business property such as inventory and furniture etc… that is owned by your business is not covered under this limit.

As with all policies, there are certain exclusions as well as additional coverages that can be added to the policy depending on your operations.  

Not sure what kind of coverage you need? No problem. Let us help you make sure you are properly and fully covered in an unforeseen event.  Not sure if your current policy is tailored to protect you? Let us look over your current policy and set you up with the proper coverages with no obligations.

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